Agenda21500 Value proposal overcomes the existing services our Clients may find within the market. Interim Management is only our starting point. Furthermore, it is our aim not only to help our Clients at exceptional isolated necessities, but to become their partners and participate throughout their projects lifecycle.
Our proposal is based on the outsourcing of management positions and the application of Project Management standards, highlighting the portfolio of professional experiences of the ream that integrates Agenda21500. Our team offers "ad-hoc" solutions to reinforce or quickly conform well-experienced teams to be allocated to international projects by means of:
  • an immediate allocation of professionals to Project Management roles.
  • an ongoing expert judgment which allows a designated team of Agenda21500 members to follow and monitor each project as well as enabling the replacement of any allocated profile at any time.
  • the proved experience and the technological adaptability of our team.

All the above mentioned is complemented by:

  1. The independence and impartiality of our professionals
  2. The overcoming of the internal salary barriers imposed by the international market to expatriates and commuters, which makes the choice of  our service to lighten the manpower costs.
  3. Being a cost-effective option thanks to the outsourcing of a service that leads to optimizing internal costs at temporary consortia and joint ventures.
  4. Being the best option as a temporary service for projects' startup and closeout, and also in between, to minimize risks and eventualities.
  5. Resources are focused on project objectives and results, and are allocated in accordance with the project stage and circumstances.
  6. The control and monitoring eof the Project by a follow-up committee made of Agenda21500 members to ensure that our experts are assisted at any time.
  7. The replacement of any of our allocated professionals by a member of the correspondent follow-up committee, who may temporary and successfully cover the position whenever it might be needed.
  8. The continuous education and training of all Agenda21500 members to keep ourselves updated regarding the latest trends and technologies in the Engineering and Construction sector.